Actionable steps to progress your dog's training and begin resolving behavior challenges

Unprecedented open line of communication with your trainer between sessions during training

Initial Session | $250/hr

following sessions: 4 Hour Package | $600 || 9 Hour Package | $1350

Available in-person or via phone/video call. Visit our website for more training options 

In order to ensure our clients meet their goals with their dog, we suggest the quantity of sessions that would likely be needed. Each session can range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the case. However, we don't want to over work your dog or use package time unnecessarily so time used is deducted from your package as we go; a 4 hour package may be 3 sessions or more than 4 sessions. Package commitment is required at the time of further booking after the initial consult. Select cases may not require a package.

additional travel cost/in-person session: under 30min no cost, 30-60min $15, 1hr $30, 2hr+ $60+

One-on-One Training | Initial Session $250/hr
$250 / 1 h
Select this option when booking your first training session with Beyond the Walk
One-on-One Training | following sessions $150/hr
$150 / 1 h
Select this option after your initial session if directed that your case does not require a package.