Diane has been involved in the canine world for almost 10 years, including rescue, sheltering, training, daycare, boarding, board and train, pet therapy, adoptions and foster applications, managing teams of animal caretakers of various sizes, business and rescue marketing, onboarding and managing volunteers, rescue fundraising and cost management, behavior evaluations, and shelter enrichment program creation and implementation.

From enrichment programs in shelters to boosting rescue operations to creating and revamping boarding, daycare, and training businesses and services, we are excited to partner with you!

Anyone can enroll in coaching, regardless of location!

Convenient, creative, efficient remote coaching

Rescues & Shelters
$50 / 1 h
starting at $50/hr | Packages Available

- Shelter enrichment

- Workload management

- Effectively leveraging volunteers via strengths analysis

- Rescue relationships with shelters

- Donation and fundraising opportunities

- Team management and organization

- Adoptions and adoptables networking

- Application and website creation/revamp and so much more!

We do not currently offer coaching for starting a new rescue.

Businesses | Boarding, Daycare, Training
$100 / 1 h
Rates Vary
New Professionals Welcome | Looking to care for dogs in the comfort of your own home? Or becoming a dog sitter or trainer? Let us share our expertise!
- Learn the ins and outs of the world of canine professionals - find your direction and establish goals

- Workload management, enrichment plans, and managing multiple canine guests and temperament testing

- Progressive logistics, innovative supplies, and boarding environment development where you are looking to board one dog at a time or many! or train a small or large client base!

- Marketing, branding, website, social media, and software selection and revamp/creation

- Efficient, safe operating procedures

- Scale any business, large or small

- Rates and services development

- Hiring and team management

- Continued education opportunities

New Professionals - Just getting started? | Packages Available/Recommended

- Diane's years of experience will kickstart your new business, establish a plan for services, branding, and logistics. Fast track to safe, efficient services from Day 1

Existing Dog Boarders, Sitters, and Trainers | $100/hr | Packages Available

- Revamp your existing business and improve productivity and quality 

Canine Professionals Coaching
$0 / 1 h
Rates Vary | Packages Available
- Bounce ideas, thoughts, and goals

- Just need an understanding human with canine behavior and/or rescue experience that has "been there"?

- Vent without judgement while partnering on tough decisions and professional development

- Establish a lasting relationship for all your other canine professionals coaching needs