All daycare and boarding amenities plus all our add-on services!

1 hour exploration walk in nature

Daily enrichment snack tailored to your dog

Compassionate training (up to 30 minutes/day plus training built in throughout your dog's stay)

Go Beyond Daycare | Boarding | Training with Care Built for Dogs

Overnight and long-term care

Enrichment meals

Multiple opportunities for exercise and rest

Carefully selected play groups (if applicable)

Safe, quiet, private overnight accommodations

each additional dog $60

Daytime care (up to 12 hours)

Multiple opportunities for exercise and rest

Carefully selected play groups (if applicable)

each additional dog $46

Daycare Packages Available - see below

Real Care, Real Savings. Choose a daycare package that fits your needs.

No rules or limits within 5 weeks - use your daycare package when and how you'd like!

$227.25  | 5 Daycare Package

$426.00  | 10 Daycare Package

$567.25  | 15 Daycare Package

$682.00  | 20 Daycare Package

please contact us for these options

See website for details

One-on-One Training via Phone/Video or In-Person

Efficient, effective training and behavior solutions

Actionable steps to progress your dog's training and begin resolving behavior challenges

Flexible scheduling to fit your needs $125/hour

Phone/Video: Pay for the level of support you need!

(Travel charge will apply to in-person sessions)

Visit our website for more training options 

Diane has been involved in the canine world for almost 10 years, including rescue, sheltering, training, daycare, boarding, board and train, pet therapy, adoptions and foster applications, managing teams of animal caretakers of various sizes, business and rescue marketing, onboarding and managing volunteers, rescue fundraising and cost management, behavior evaluations, and shelter enrichment program creation and implementation.

From enrichment programs in shelters to boosting rescue operations to creating and revamping boarding, daycare, and training businesses and services, we are excited to partner with you!

Anyone can enroll in coaching, regardless of location!

Convenient, creative, efficient remote coaching

Diane has been matching pets to humans for almost 10 years through animal rescue with over 30 successful, lifelong matches made including canine sport partners. Diane continues to follow the most progressive considerations in acquiring a puppy from a breeder. Pet match making services takes all aspects of your life and desires in a dog into account as well that the reputation of the source the pet is adopted or purchased through.

Adult dog match making, through rescue, rehoming, or change of ownership, emphasizes behavior history and evaluation and health history. Puppy seeking emphasizes temperament, puppy raising methods, and health.

While Beyond matches humans and pet dogs, we also match humans and potential sport or therapy canines. For clients seeking a sport or working partner, biddability and drive are critically reviewed. For clients seeking a pet therapy canine partner, temperament is deeply analyzed and evaluated including stability in a variety of environments and social disposition toward humans, including children, and other animals. Diane takes the utmost care in Match Making canine therapy partners as she has two certified therapy dogs herself.

It is our pleasure to match you with your newest companion.